Our Business Approach

The foundation for Shamrock Renewable Energy Services' project approach is our commitment to a business formula that stresses delivering results to customers. There are three phases to our process: Project Planning, Project Management and Project Service Management.

Project Planning:
As the start of each project, we cover these items:
  • Define the job in detail
  • Identify a core team of project stakeholders
  • Define the roles and responsibilities for each team member
  • Estimate cost and schedule based on engineering, equipment, and installation crew availability
  • Perform a Risk Assessment for its success

Project Management:
When planning is completed, project management begins. Communication of current and accurate information on project progress, issues to address, and plans for the upcoming period are critical components in this phase of the process.

Shamrock integrates the client’s needs with a project management philosophy of transparency and accountability for all project milestones – No Surprises!

Our Project Managers are the primary point of customer contact and experienced in the solution to be installed. They manage the day to day communications with the customer and all stakeholders. They are measured by project quality, performance against the schedule and budget, and customer satisfaction.

Project Service Management:
Once the Project has been installed, all hardware and software components of the system need to be monitored and maintained to achieve optimal results. In addition to our installation workmanship warranty, Shamrock Renewable Energy Services offers:

A Qualified and Certified Service Provider Network: A network of qualified and certified service providers include A, B, C10, C-7 and C46 licensed professionals throughout California. These teams can be dispatched to provide a full spectrum of services, from panel cleaning, inspection of the electrical components (AC and DC), a simple fuse replacement, panel or inverter replacement, or trouble shooting monitoring hardware and software.

Warranty Management: We work with the key product suppliers and OEM’s to take care of warranty issues from incident to resolution.
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