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Chimney Rock Winery, founded in 1980, is part of the Terlato Wine Group. For more than 50 years, The Terlato Wine Group has dedicated itself to a simple philosophy - "put quality first." Adhering to this principle has helped Terlato Wine Group achieve scope and success unmatched in the wine industry. As stewards of the land, management of the estate with minimal impact, is of paramount importance. At Chimney Rock, it is this responsibility that guides our viticulture and winemaking processes.

"The objective for the Terlato family is to leave our surrounding environment in better condition than how we found it."
- John Terlato

On our site survey for this 270kW DC ballasted roof mount PV system, our team noticed that pre-existing conditions on the roof warranted customer notification that it needed replacement before we could install the solar system.

Working with the Terlato Group CFO, the Vice President of Winemaking and the Chimney Rock GM and winemaker, Shamrock coordinated the work schedule and results reporting for all of the stakeholders in the project, including the roof replacement and the installation of new roof top plumbing for panel cleaning. Through our cross functional Stakeholder Management Process, in addition to our own PV installation experts, we delivered the project on time and budget.
Project Details

Business: Chimney Rock Winery
Location: Napa, CA
System Specifications:
Rooftop ballasted
System Size: 270.2 kW DC
538 Hyundai-230SG
458 Sunpower-320E

Racking: Panel Claw
Inverter: 23 Fronius-IG Plus
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