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Large acreage private residence in Rutherford, CA

Our plan for this 55Kw Single Axis Tracker system was to install it in an open field behind the residence. The client elected not to have a soils survey performed. Once we started excavation for the tracking system, we discovered multiple large rocks that prevented us from using normal auguring methods for digging the holes for the tracker posts. Once we removed the rocks, there were large holes in ground and resulting in very poor soil conditions to continue auguring new holes. From this soil disturbance, many of the previously augured holes caved in. The timeline to complete the project was at risk as the homeowner had an event planned within six weeks of the start date.

After the start of construction and after the building permit was issued, we learned that a bridge on the owner’s property would not support the weight of the concrete mix truck that would transport concrete to the installation site. Instead, we had to park the mixer truck on one side of the bridge, run hoses across the bridge and transport the concrete to another truck on the other side. This caused additional time and effort for material transport and handling.

Within a week, we re-engineered the system to add significant rebar re-enforced concrete ballast to the system. We added additional manpower to remain on schedule. We passed all inspections on the first attempt as we kept the building department involved and informed of our solution.
Project Details

Business: Private Residence
Location: Rutherford, CA
System Specifications:
Tracker Installation
System Size: 55kW DC
Modules: 240 Kyocera KD-215
Inverter: 7 SMA
Racking: TTI Sun-seeker single-axis tracker
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