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Mercy Housing California offers affordable low-income housing programs to more than 23,000 people at more than 125 properties. Residents include families, people with special needs and seniors.

Many California residents struggle daily with the high cost of living. The average household income is more than $48,400 – nearly $5,000 more than the national average. The average annual income of a Mercy Housing California resident is $19,525.

JR Roberts Deacon was the General Contractor for this new construction, nine story, multi-tenant building. The 141.68 kW DC roof mount PV system, engineered by their team, was designed to extend 8 feet beyond the perimeter on all sides of the building .

Given the design and system layout as part of the initial bid process, our challenge was for us to work with their engineer to design an approach and work with a permanent hardware product that would allow us to safely install the panels on the building perimeter and to provide a permanent solution for the customer to wash and maintain the system after the installation was completed.

The other challenge was their construction schedule. We needed to break-up the job into two phases and work which caused us to re-mobilize four months after phase one was completed.

Working with our own structural and electrical network engineers, as well as a certified cantilever product supplier, we designed a moveable cantilever that would allow us to safely install the PV panels and remain on site permanently for any and all cleaning and system maintenance. This solution was also reviewed and approved by the General Contractor. As safety is always a primary principle in any project, to install the panels on the perimeters of the building, our teams needed to use a double harness while on the job to install these panels.
Project Details

Business: Mercy Housing
Location: Scaramento, CA
System Specifications:
Roof Mount with 8' cantilever
System Size: 141.68 kW DC
616 Hyundai-230SG
Inverter: 1 SatCon PowerGate Plus
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