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The Schramsberg estate is tucked into the densely forested slopes of Diamond Mountain, a few miles south of the town of Calistoga, and is home to the oldest hillside vineyards in Napa. It totals 218 acres with 43 acres planted to vines.

The estate, a registered historic landmark, has been painstakingly restored by the Davies family. The Victorian house, the lower winery, the barn and the caves remain largely unchanged since Jacob Schram's days.

As with all wineries, available land is at a premium. So when we had to pick a suitable location for their PV installation, we were presented with the challenge of installing a 346.4Kw DC ground mount system on a 25 degree slope almost 1500 linear feet away from the main electrical service. We also needed to engineer an upgrade to the existing main electrical service panel and combine multiple meters on the property to optimize the electrical system design and maximize their savings.

Our skilled and experienced engineering, structural, construction and electrical teams designed and installed over 1694 panels with re-enforced concrete and rebar footings, a centralized inverter at the array site, and constructed and erosion control system (including block walls) to prevent any damage to the terrace soil structure.

Working with our engineering team as well as PG&E, we upgraded their electrical service and installed the new transformers.
Project Details

Business: Schramsberg Vineyards
Location: Calistoga, CA
System Specifications:
Ground Mount on terraced slope
System Size: 346.4 kW DC
Modules: 1688 Kyocera-205w
1 Advanced Energy/Solaron 333kW inverter - winery system
6 SMA SB7000US inverters and 1 SMA SB6000US - four smaller systems
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